If You Do Not Have a Will

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If You Do Not Have a Will
Free Consultation

If you do not have a Will and are not sure where to start, our law firm Fish and Associates offers a free Will planning consultation. During this consultation, we can address some of your Will and Power of Attorney related questions. We can also guide your through the process of what is involved in having your Will and Powers of Attorney prepared.

Your Will must reflect your particular life situation. There is no such thing as a one size fits all Will. For example, single people with no children have different needs than couples with young children. During this Will planning consultation, we will discuss your life situation and provide suggestions on what Will should contain.


  • If you die without a Will, Ontario Law(not you) decides who gets the things that you worked so hard for.
  • Marriage automatically revokes your Will. This means that any Will you made prior to your marriage is revoked, subject to some technical exceptions.
  • Separation does not revoke your Will. If you are separated, you should consider making a new Will.
  • Without a Will, your children will get their inheritance at 18, regardless of their level of maturity. If you make a Will you can specify that your children have to wait until a later age such as 25. In your Will, you can set up an encroachable trust that allows your executor to take out money earlier if your children need it for medical care, education, etc..
  • Many store bought Will Kits and Internet Forms are based on Laws outside of Ontario and may not reflect Ontario Law.
    Doing it yourself may lead to improper wording or overlooked details that could affect the outcome.
  • You can insert a special clause in your Will to prevent your Son-in-Law or Daughter-in-Law from benefiting your estate in case they separate or get divorced from your child after your death.
  • Without a Will, there is no guardian appointed to look after your minor children.
  • There are strategies to minimize probate tax on your death.

Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. It will protect your loved ones after you pass away. A properly planned Will can help to minimize the possibility of a devastating family battle over your estate.

A properly prepared Power of Attorney for Property, can keep keep the government out of your financial affairs if you lose your capacity due to an accident or illness.

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