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Looking out of the office window, I saw a very expensive sports car pulling into a parking space in our parking lot. A well dressed couple got out. They appeared to be in their Fifties, and had come for their appointment to give me instructions to make their Wills’.

I could not help noticing the extraordinary quality of the watches each of them were wearing. The Wife was wearing a lot of jewelry. Particularly noticeable was her Diamond Tennis Bracelet. It happened to catch the light, and my eyes were drawn to its gleam and sparkle. Her purse bore a logo from a well-known and very expensive Italian designer.

Our discussion began with the basic information, such as their Names and their Home Address. Their Address made it clear to me that they lived in a very expensive area of the city. They made a point. of telling me that they lived right next door to a well-known media personality, and beside her, lived the Chief Executive Officer of a major Corporation. I immediately formed the impression that these people were wealthy.

However, as the details of their finances began to unfold, my first impressions began to melt away. They told me that because they had used the equity in their home to secure the Line of Credit that they constantly drew money from their home was so heavily mortgaged that there was hardly any equity left in it at all. They had a business, but it became insolvent and they had to make arrangements with the Creditors of the Business. Their sports car was leased. They had dozens of Credit Cards, using the unused room left on one card in order to pay the minimum balance on another. (Basically, Rob-Harry-To-Pay-Perry…:-) ) The Wife worked as a Part-time substitute Teacher. As well, she tutored some children at nights and on weekends.

It seemed that nothing in their financial situation could possibly allow them to live the lifestyle that they were displaying to the outside world. Despite all of this, the Wife gave me the impression that they weren’t worried about their financial situation.

When finally I was able to ask the Husband what he did for a living, now that he no longer had his business, his wife, smiling, interrupted him. “Harry’s a Waiter,” she interjected. This puzzled me. I asked Harry respectfully what kind of an establishment he was serving in, expecting that perhaps he made Tips which might provide some of the money that their lifestyle was gobbling up. “No,” his Wife again answered for him. “He’s not that kind of a Waiter.” She continued. “I call him a Waiter because “He’s waiting for his inheritance”.”

Now Harry spoke! “My wife mocks me, but I tell her that we’ll be okay. We shouldn’t be worried.” In a calm voice, he told me that his Mother had never spent a Penny of her savings. She was almost 90 and in very poor health. He was her only child. He had seen her Will, which left her entire Estate to him. He smiled confidently when he said this. He went on to say that after his Mother passes away, his money problems will be solved forever. “So why should we lose any sleep?”

He had made his point.

I wondered, after this couple left the office, how many other ”Waiters” there were out there?

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Les Kotzer is a regular call in guest on the Barb DiGiulio show on NewsTalk 1010. He has also appeared on CNN and was featured as a Canadian success story on the CTV National News. In 2013, Les was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubileee Medal for his work in WILLs’ and helping to educate the public.

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For more information, please visit leskotzer.com or willappointment.com