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Les Kotzer

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On a radio show, the host put out the following question to his audience, wanting their comments:

If you have cut a child out of your WILL, or have left him or her less than the others, have you told that child?”

I heard some intriguing reactions, which I will now share with you. I will paraphrase the comments of the callers:

1. If I tell my son now that he isn’t getting as much as his sisters are getting, he would be shocked later. His sisters will need the money much more than he will. He married well.

2. What I’m doing in my WILL is not any of my daughter’s business. I earned this money. She didn’t. Where did her sense of entitlement come from? Do I have to tell her how much I spent at the grocery store, or how much I gave her brother for his birthday gift? Should I reward her for rarely visiting me?

3. I lost my son because I was open with him and told him that I’m leaving more to his disabled sister. He’s a successful professional and she can’t get a job. He yelled at me, cursed me, threatened me,.and ran out of my house slamming the door behind him. But, so be it, I’ve got to protect my daughter who needs my help.

4. Forget about cutting out one kid. After my divorce, I cut all of my kids out of the WILL. I left everything to my new wife, who is good to me. She was there for me day and night when I had open-heart surgery. They never came to see me or even called. They didn’t care if I lived or died.

5. I have to admit that maybe I went too far, but I told my son that he will only get an inheritance from me if he divorces his wife. She brought poison into our lives and destroyed our family.

6. My son has been terrible to me. He refuses to let me see his children. He hasn’t spoken to me in ten years. My friends tell me that he talks badly about me behind my back. If he’d answer my calls, I’d be thrilled to tell him that he is cut out of my WILL. He has caused me such anguish and heartache that I mailed a copy of my WILL to his house. Assuming that he read it, he would have seen that his sister would get my whole estate, and he could read the reasons why, which I spelled out clearly in the WILL.

7. We had a family meeting. My five kids all told me to cut them all out of my WILL, and that I should leave everything to their children, to give them a head start in life. I have to tell you that not one of my kids’ husbands or wives were invited to our family meeting, because we all know that they would never have agreed to our estate plan.

8. This is what I told my kids: You all came out of my womb and each of you will be getting an equal share of the money. But, you should know that your eldest sister is the only one who I trust to be an executor to look after my estate when I’m gone, and that is how it’s going to be. Too bad if you don’t like it

9. Imagine, I have four children who don’t seem to give a damn about their sick mother. I have Parkinson’s and heart problems. My eyes are bad and it’s hard for me to get around. You’d think that one of my children might come around to visit me but they’re all too busy with their own lives. They don’t deserve to inherit from me. The one who’s really looking after me is the care-giver I hired. She looks after me the way I should be looked after, so now I’m looking after her. I may be sick, but I am rich; and she’s getting it all when I pass on. I know that all four of my kids are thinking “Windfall!!” when I die. But they are in for a shock. You know what? I want to surprise them!

10. I would love to sit down with my kids and tell them what I have in my WILL, but I’m afraid of a volcano erupting. So, I decided not to tell them anything, and to let the volcano erupt after I die.

11. Of course, I had to tell my daughter that my son is getting the business. He is the one who worked there most of his life. My daughter never stepped foot in there. My daughter thanked me for telling her. She said she n~ver expected any part of it, and she is not at all upset. I know that telling my daughter what she’s not getting will make it easier on my son after I die.

12. I will tell you what is not automatic. Just because something belongs to Mommy or Daddy doesn’t mean that Junior is going to get it. My parents left all they had to charity, not to me, and I’m going to do exactly the same thing.

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