Request changes


Evaluate sellers - negotiate and contract with sellers


Determine how you will do planning


Determine variances and if they warrant a change request


Manage people


Report on project performance


Identify stakeholders


Finalize requirements


Manage, evaluate, and close procurements


Update project management plan and project documents


Influence the factors that cause changes


Approve or reject changes


Create network diagram


Create process improvement plan


Determine all Roles & Responsibilities


Analyze and evaluate data and performance


Hold team-building activities


Determine quality standards. processes, and metrics


Facilitate stakeholder engagement and manage expectations


Finalize "how to execute & control" parts of all management plans


Solicit feedback


Develop schedule


Request Changes


Hand-off completed product


Perform progressive elaboaration


Determine team


Determine development approach, life cycle, and how you will plan for each knowledge area


Take action to control the project


Select sellers


Develop budget


Develop stakeholder management strategy


Take action to monitor the project


Stakeholder engagement


Confirm work is done as per requirements


Gain formal approval of the plan


Understand the business case (Why is this project done?)


Divide large projects into phases or smaller projects


Ensure common understanding


Report on project performance


Finalize procurement strategy and documents


Implement only approved changes


Develop final PM plan and performance measurement baseline that are realistic


Create activity list


Prepare procurement documents


Go Back Iterations


Release resources as work is completed


Approve or reject changes


Measure performance against performance measurement baseline


Manage configuration


Monitor stakeholder engagement


Perform quality audits


Request changes


Develop project charter


Issue quality reports


Estimate resource requirements


Send and receive information


Complete procurement closure


Hold kickofF meeting


Perform quality control


Perform risk reviews, reassessments, and audits


Perform risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and risk response planning


Determine planning team


Plan Communications


Follow processes


Perform risk audits


Administer procurements


Determine critical path


Manage reserves


Determine whether quality plan and processes are correct and effective


Develop stakeholder register


Evaluate team and project performance


Gather final lessons learned and update knowledge bases


Estimate activity durations and costs


Create project scope statement


Complete final performance reporting


Determine what to purchase


Update lessons learned


Provide Training


Solicit customers feedback about the project


Collect processes, procedures, and historical information


Produce product deliverable


Assess project and product feasibility within the gjven constraints


Gain customer's acceptance of interim deliverables


Create change and configuration management plans


Release resources


Develop realistic and sufficient project management plan and baselines


Inform stakeholders of all change request results


Give recognition and rewards


Continuously improve


Perform quality assurance


Use the work authorization system


Uncover initial requirements, assumptions, risks, constraints, and existing agreements


Determine team charter and all roles and responsibilities


Inform stakeholders of approved changes


Confirm configuration compliance


Hold meetings


Gain final acceptance of product


Complete financial closure


Identify stakeholders and determine their expectations, interst, influence, and impact


Use issue logs


Produce product scope


Perform integrated change control


Evaluate use of physical resources


Create forecasts


Estimate Time & Cost


Acquire final team and physical resources


Determine if variances warrant a corrective action or other change request(s)


Define and prioritize requirements


Execute work according to the project management plan


Complete final procurement closure


Index and archive records


Execute contingency plans


Measure performance against other metrics in the project management plan


Facilitate conflict resolution


Gather work performance data


Assess what to purchase and create procurement documents


Understand business case and benefits management plan


Measure performance


Create WBS and VVBS Dictionary


Gain acceptance from customer


Determine company culture & existing systems


Finalize all management plans


Use and share project knowledge


Create measurable objectives and success criteria


Hold kick-off meeting


Select project manager


Update project management plan and project documents


Request changes