October  2


Salient Thought for the Day
Rhythm is essential in every department of our life.


Lines to Memorize
A wise man should control speech by mind, mind by intellect, intellect by the great Self, and that by the Peaceful One (the Supreme Self)


When a man is out of rhythm, whatever he undertakes cannot be in harmony with the universe. We can make ourselves rhythmic by going deeper and finding a point of contact with that inner Source of life. If we do everything with harmonious, sympathetic spirit, then we shall never fail to be in rhythm. It is a blessed privilege to be connected with the Lord’s great human family and to serve it faithfully. We all possess the power of higher service; and when we serve in true spirit, the seed of spiritual fruition is sown and we are bound to reap a rich harvest. The truest service is inward and consists in keeping ourselves in harmony with God’s plan for our life


May the All-abiding Spirit, Father and Mother of all living beings, Grant me His loving unfailing protection; May I think only thoughts that are holy and uplifting to my soul. May my heart be filled only with that which is pure, spiritual and sublime. May all my words and actions be in unison with His great Heart and Mind