October  1


Salient Thought for the Day
Keep you life in rhythm.


Lines to Memorize
Surrendering mentally all actions to Me, regarding Me as the highest goal, resorting to Self-knowledge, do thou ever fix thy heart on Me. Fixing thy heart on Me, thou shalt, by My Grace, overcome all obstacles; but if, through egoism, thou wilt not hear Me, thou shalt perish.


People who are in rhythm are full of mellowness; their voice is sweet. People who are unrhythmic, their voice is harsh and their life discordant. When you establish your life in rhythm, you do the right thing spontaneously. It is the way of wisdom to tune ourselves and bring ourselves into rhythm—our whole body, our mind, our heart—that they all beat in unison. Nothing is impossible to us if we hold the right attitude of mind.


I lift my thoughts and prayers to the Supreme Being of the Universe; May He make my heart free from all unworthy and alien thoughts, That I may feel His great Infinitude, And dwell ever in the consciousness of His Presence. May He free my heart from all discord and disharmony